"We recently purchased the 32 inch LED outdoor TV from Global Outdoor Concepts for our back yard Pavilion. The picture is great, and we couldn't be happier, thank you for the advise! The TV really finishes off the area, it's our family's newest favorite space, at least for the summer. We were very impressed with the Customer Service and follow up, thanks for everything." --Pat and Jill from Ohio

I live in Chicago and Purchased my Mirage Outdoor Television last March. This was the best investment I ever made.  This TV has been out in the elements all summer, even though the TV is in a screen room the rain in Chicago falls sideways and soaks the TV.  My family enjoys sitting out side in the summer and Fall to watch moves and sports, the quality is great.  The Mirage people are great and very helpful, they keep in touch even after you purchase the TV to make sure their are no problems, I have never had a sales person contact me after a purchase before.  These guys believe in the product and so do I. Best TV and Company on the market!!!!  I have recommended them to Family and I will continue to recommend them to anyone interested in an out door TV.  You can't go wrong with Mirage Thank you Duncan.
--Joe Lenart

I truely love my television.  Some pictures are attached.  They do not do the televsion justice. I had been searching for an outdoor HDTV for several months to go on my new back porch.  I was a little sceptical when I found this television on the internet.  It was far less expensive than others I found.  How could it be so much less?  After I learned how Global Outdoor Concepts treated the television to be suitable for use outside, I decided to give them a chance.  I could not be happier with my 47" LCD HDTV.  The picture quality is superior to the 46" LCD HDTV I have in my living room.  It is so nice to be able to enjoy the outdoors while watching football, basketball, golf or a movie in HD.  When we have company, they inevitably end up in front of the TV outside.  I live in Orlando which is hot and humid.  The television worked flawlessly on the hottest summer days and the dust cover keeps it clean when not in use.
--Donald Sellers, Orlando, FL

outdoorbarwide.jpg“ We are very satisfied with our 47” MirageVision outdoor television.  The picture quality is awesome and it’s big enough to enjoy from our outdoor bar, hot tub, or even from the pool.  We enjoyed it all summer and are now watching the football games by the outdoor firepit as the temperature drops here in the northeast.  After extensive research we feel we got a quality product at an affordable price.”
--Tom and Rose Maloney


"We needed TV monitors that would withstand the outdoor elements and most importantly be viewable in direct sunlight. Our application was for one of our 10 day outdoor events held on the Las Vegas Strip. These TV’s were used to play segments of our new TV series titled “Wild Recon.” Even though the MirageVision Outdoor TV’s were not made nor warranted to be “waterproof” and it is very rare to get 3 inches of rain in Las Vegas…yes the rarity did happen, we received hard rain for over 3 days. The TV’s ran day and night, rain and shine. The MirageVision Outdoor TV’s performed flawlessly and the picture quality was awesome. We are glad that we purchased the MirageVision Outdoor TV’s and we intend to use them on other outdoor events." --Discovery’s “Animal Channel TV Network"

Stadium with 12 TVs 
Dear MirageVision,
Last year we purchased twelve of your 37" MirageVision weatherized outdoor TV's for a large football stadium here in North Carolina. We had looked at several other outdoor TV's, but they cost more than twice as much as the MirageVision TV's and they did not fit our use at this stadium.  In this stadium we have about a twelve foot over hang, and although the TV's don’t get any dirrect rain, they are exposed to wind, dust and side rain. This was the perfect TV for our customer and is what the other competing contractor was bidding with for this job also. The MirageVision TV’s also helped our company win the contract for many indoor TV's, as well.  We thank the staff at MirageVision for all their help and their follow-up customer service has been great!!! What a great product for the price!
Thanks again, 
Bill Price
Country Cable

"We recently purchased a 37 in. tv from Global Outdoor Concepts for our pool area. The information we received before purchasing the tv was very informative and the customer service was exceptional. The tv itself is better than expected! The picture is amazing and the size is perfect. It was just what we needed to complete our outdoor living area. We would recommend this company to anyone looking for outdoor entertainment." --Rick and Wendy, Pennsylvania

"I used the 55" TV and it is excelent. The picture is perfect and has plenty of brightness for outdoor use. Looks great from any angle as well.  Great product." - Avenue Sound and Theater, Freeport NY. 
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